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Srt is a bunch of crooks i was in California when my wife got very sick and stayed in the hospital for 9 days i asked them to get me home so i could be with her that was a challenge they tried to send me every where but that way so i finnally said just get me back to Texarkana and i would catch a bus and turn there truck in so i did that apon my final check they took 437.oo dollars out of... Read more

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Pretty sad is what these folks the lowest paying companies in industry, do not have apu,s but you cant idle your truck..the tell you you get $20 an hour after the first 2 hrs at the dock,which you will never have to beg to get fuel and you are treated like a 10 yr old kid..they told me 37.5 to get me in the door, last hour of orientation they said 34,what do you do..first... Read more

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THEY THROW OUT A GOOD SALES PITCH BUT NONE OF IT IS TRUE. dispatch is 2nd rate they will leave you sitting for days between runs. 1 run I had was 700miles and delivery date was 6 days later. they would not allow me to drop and keep getting miles they told me to just deliver this load. i sat for 5 days on this 1 and made about $40 a day for that week. layover pay will put you in the broke house.... Read more

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SRT is OWNED by COVENANT. ALL of SRT Trucks are leased from Covenant to SRT. When you transfer to Covenant from SRT.Covenant is sooo nice, they will tell you anything to get you to drive for them. Then when you do,SRT tries to say they fired you,but you don't find out unless you file for unemployment!Then, you have to fight to get your unemployment! Then, SRT does NOT pay you all the money from... Read more

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Drive has ask to come home,dispatch hasn't routed him home in over a month,the company says they will charge$ 500 if he gets off the route,we will be talking to an attorney and the labor board. He doesn't think he is getting his 40 a mile, it doesn't add up,he has gone a lot of miles for little pay. Not what the recruiter or the web site said it would be. If SRT TREATS ALL DRIVERS THIS WAY,no... Read more

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My husband went to orientation an on the road he hasn't been home in 3 almost 4 weeks. 1st check deposited in account was less than $775 for all those mile and time gone. Not feeling good about this company. He's willing to work but those paychecks better start looking better are he will be gone,he can get a job that pays better an be home more. He has also done a lot of setting because he was... Read more

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Do not work for southern refrigerated transportation. .. this trucking company sucks... Add comment

I've been driving for srt a year..I've got only good things too say about moneys always there..if I'm late for hometime i always get paid..if my truck tears up it gets fixed..2015 freighliner just went down last week..they put me in a motel brought me back too the yard got a 2015 kenworth and got paid for breakdown dispatcher is thing I've noticed in this line of work... Read more

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YOU ARE CORRECT SRT is very disappointing company. You do not want to work for them. I had similar problems. Ive just recently got hired at SRT 08/12/15 Waited two days for a truck;the truck was *** as ***. I complained about yet when on a load anyway . I drove for 2 days and had to bring truck back to terminal for breakdown issues. Got to the terminal thinking im there breakdown problems... Read more

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BIg thing don't work for them I work for them five months I want to quit but they wouldn't get me by the yard and they never paid for not getting me home on time I got a dot I p that was bad and 50. Came out of my check and they charge u for being late 100 but and ea time i went . home I was late get there than they want you to go back next day and pay suck I think they keep most of for them self... Read more

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